Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

What's the Difference?

Diamonds are precious, rare and timeless gems that have been coveted by people for centuries. Since their discovery, diamonds have been used as symbols of love, power and wealth. But with the advancement of technology, lab grown diamond production has become more prevalent. While natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds may look the same, there are significant differences between these two types of diamonds. In this post, we will explore what these differences are and which type of diamond might be best for you.


How Diamonds Are Formed

The first difference between lab grown and natural diamonds is how they are formed. Natural diamonds are created deep inside the earth where carbon is subjected to very high temperatures and pressure. During this process, it can take millions of years for diamonds to come to the surface. These naturally occurring diamonds are found in mines. 

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are created using modern technology that recreates the same conditions found inside the earth. This process involves growing a diamond crystal using advanced scientific techniques. Lab grown diamonds can be made in a matter of weeks and can be created to meet specific requirements, including shape, color, and clarity.



The second difference between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds is that natural diamonds are much rarer than lab grown diamonds. While natural diamonds are becoming increasingly scarce, lab grown diamonds are rapidly gaining in popularity. They are being produced more sustainably and at a lower cost, making them a viable alternative for those who are concerned about the ethical and environmental impact of mining.



Another significant difference between natural and lab grown diamonds is pricing. Natural diamonds are more expensive than lab grown diamonds of the same quality. This is because natural diamonds are more scarce, and the mining process is extensive and costly. Even the extraction and transportation of natural diamonds involve numerous environmental costs and safety considerations.



The third difference between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds is the certification process. The certification process ensures that a diamond is authentic and of good quality. In the case of a natural diamond, it is certified by a diamond grading laboratory that will check the diamond’s color, clarity, carat weight and cut. However, in the case of a lab grown diamond, certification includes additional information such as the diamond’s origin and the technique used to grow it. As certification standards and processes are constantly evolving, it is important to ensure that you purchase your diamond from a reputable jeweler.


Take Your Pick

Finally, the personal preference of a buyer is often the deciding factor behind choosing between natural and lab grown diamonds. While natural diamonds have a timeless, romantic quality, lab grown diamonds offer many benefits, including affordability and consistency in quality. Ultimately, your opinion is what matters most.


Find the Perfect Diamond at Thacker Jewelry

The difference between lab grown and natural diamonds should be taken into account when making a purchase. Whether you choose a natural or lab grown diamond, remember that these gems are a symbol of love that should last a lifetime. Choose a reputable jeweler, like Thacker Jewelry, and always get your diamond certified. In the end, the most important thing is that you find the stone that satisfies your budget and preferences.


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