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Thacker Jewelry has been sharing your love stories since 1979. In fact, some of our current customers represent the third and fourth generations of the families we serviced when our store was brand new. 

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Celebrating over 40 Years of Success

Thacker Jewelry opened in 1979 in Roaring Springs, Texas. Our founder, Joe Thacker, is a 1971 graduate of Texas Tech University with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating, Joe lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he started a business of importing and marketing American Indian Jewelry. In that time Joe built a factory where he began manufacturing Native American jewelry. The business was very successful and employed 125 people, most of whom were Native American artisans.

After selling that business in 1977 and spending 18 months sailing, Joe returned to his hometown of Roaring Springs. After realizing a need to help preserve the rural town, he opened Thacker Jewelry. Initially, Thacker was a wholesale distributor, buying from various manufacturers and selling to area retailers in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. As the business became more successful, we expanded into manufacturing in Roaring Springs, with distribution to accounts nationwide.


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