Meet Lola

When you purchase your engagement ring with Thacker, you get a little more than the sparkle, smiles and “Yes!” that you were looking for. You have the opportunity to transport back in time, with Wedding Day Delivery in our beautiful Rolls Royce. We can’t wait to make your day shine even brighter!

Photography by Abbie Gibson


About Lola and Your Special Day

Thacker Jewelry is pleased and excited to introduce you to Lola. Lola is a 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud formerly owned by Heiress Gladys Quarre Knapp. The early adventures of Gladys and Lola can be enjoyed in the book, A Lady Undefined: From Carriage to Concorde, by Gladys’ son, David Knapp. Her second owner was Michael Hammer. Michael is the son and heir of businessman and philanthropist Armand Hammer who founded Occidental Petroleum in 1957. As you can see, you will be joining a very select group of Lola’s guests including The beautiful Grace Kelly, ZaZa Gabor, and iconic stars Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Your names will join these and more as she moves into this next chapter of her colorful life.

Because Lola is now older and set in her ways, there are a few particulars she likes her friends to understand ahead of time.

  • Lola needs her rest, so she has a strict two-hour time limit on her excursions. 11:00 pm is the latest available pickup time, and destination must be in the Lubbock area. Lubbock International Airport is an acceptable destination. Please be sure we have your desired itinerary at least one week in advance of your event.
  • Since she is an older lady, she doesn’t go out in stormy or icy weather which should be easy enough to determine several days in advance. A little rain won’t be a problem.
  • Although she has been all over England, Europe, and North Africa in her day, her tires are now tender and her paint job vintage, so she must stay on pavement avoiding gravel and dirt roads completely.
  • She is most particular about her lovely red leather interior, so she does not allow food, drink, or smoking. We all have that one friend… Please let that friend know that you can not ride in Lola covered in glitter, silly string or any other substance that may transfer to the upholstery. Lola’s chauffeur has complete authority to make this determination if necessary.
  • Lola is also a little on the shy side. Her chauffeur will greet you at your venue and see you delivered safely to your destination, but he is at no time allowed to leave her alone and never allowed to accommodate any additional passengers. Passengers must be limited to 3 at one time. For example Bride, Father and or Mother of the Bride to the wedding venue, Bride and Groom from venue to Reception or Hotel, Bride and Groom from Reception to Hotel or Airport.
  • Like all beautiful ladies, Lola is crazy about attention and keeps a travel diary of all her passengers. Photography is welcomed and encouraged, and she would love to have a picture of the happy couple for her memoirs.
  • Our Lady is for sure old fashioned, but not without modern conveniences. We want your trip to be the best it can be. So if you have a favorite Pandora station or artist, let us know, and we will have the appropriate music queued up for you. She can even play your favorites if you have them on a USB stick which we can return when we reach your destination. It’s always best to have these ahead of time to be sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Lola and her chauffeur want to ensure that you are the center of attention upon your arrival and departure. Please be sure your venues and event directors have space reserved front and center for the two of you. Lola is a lady of generous proportions, so she will need at least two standard car lengths available to be sure your entrance and departure are executed in perfect style. Her ever vigilant chauffeur will take things from there.
  • Weddings are an excellent reason for celebration and can often include a copious amount of adult beverages. Please understand that for your protection and that of Lola and her chauffeur, Thacker Jewelry maintains a very strict sobriety requirement for the usage of Lola. Lola’s chauffeur has complete authority to make any necessary determinations regarding this requirement at the time of service. We appreciate your understanding.
  • If you love your experience with Lola, a generous gratuity for her beloved chauffeur is greatly appreciated. 
  • The complimentary services of Lola and her chauffeur have no cash value. If for any reason, Lola is unable to appear, no compensation will be awarded. Thacker Jewelry will not be held responsible in any way for accidental injury to persons or property resulting from the use of Lola.

Please be sure to let us know if there is anything we can to make your day just perfect. We will do our best to accommodate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

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