Our Texas-Sized Diamond Guide

When it’s time to buy diamond jewelry, you can rely on us to help you find the best selection in West Texas. Unlike other big purchases, the most important features of a diamond may not seem quite so obvious. There are many facets that add value to a diamond and understanding these will help you make the right choice. Explore our guide below to learn everything you need to know about diamond grading and begin your jewelry search.

Illustrated diamond shapes

Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond falls into two basic categories, which are round and fancy-shaped. Traditionally, the most popular shape is a brilliant round cut as it showcases the radiance of the gemstone. However, diamonds come in a variety of shapes. Choose your favorite look and you can’t go wrong.

Sorting loose diamonds into a tray

Lab Grown vs. Mined

Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every way except for the fact that they are man-made. Because of this, larger gemstones will cost less allowing you to get more bang for your buck. But, whether you’re looking for a lab grown diamond or a natural, mined stone, we’ve got you covered.

The 4C’s

There are four characteristics that determine a diamond’s value. These are cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Learn what to look for during your diamond purchase. 

Metal Types & Ring Settings

While a loose diamond is brilliant as is, we know you’ll enjoy it more when it’s set in a ring. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift or a dazzling engagement ring, check out these popular metal types and settings. 


Shimmering for any occasion, this metal is timeless in hue of white, yellow and rose. 


This ready-to-shine material is the perfect choice for a modern, polished look. 


Clocking in at the heaviest of all precious metals, platinum retains its white luster for life. 


If you’re looking for a lightweight and corrosion-resistant piece, this metal is perfect for rough wear. 

Cobalt Chrome

Designed to withstand high temperatures, this metal type retains its integrity for years to come.


A dark, silver-gray color makes this metal a popular choice for men’s wedding bands. 

Prong Set

As the name suggests, four to six prongs hold the faceted stone tightly in place. 

Bezel Set

A strip of metal strongly secures a diamond or gemstone within a mounting. 


Several small stones are set closely together to create an endless string of glimmering beauty. 

Channel Set

Gemstones fill a shallow slit in the metal and are secured with tension from either side. 

Tension Set 

Hard gemstones are held in place purely by pressure, making the stone look as if it’s floating.

Bar Set 

Small diamonds and stones are snuggly held in place between two metal bars.